Photo Gallery

Photos of the Property

Evening Sail gardens

Gail & Zoe on the Jitney Walking Trail in Pictou

The ferry to P.E.I.


Off-street parking

Shady gardens


Our backyard in the wintertime



Welcome to the Evening Sail


Caribou Beach



The Green Hill Look-Off


Loch Broom Log Church


Caribou Beach park


Grist Mill picnic area


Along the Jitney Trail

 Sutherland's Grist Mill


Walking trail at Grist Mill


Apples in the backyard



Lupins in the backyard


Garden Flowers


Troops at the Quay


Inside the Quay

 Hector Heritage Quay


Ferry to P.E.I.


Hector Landing Re-enactment


Hector Landing Re-enactment


New Scotland Days


New Scotland Days


Picnic spot on the Jitney Trail


Fall on the Jitney Trail


View of Pictou from the trail

Steve M on the 7th Hole at the Links at Crowbush Cove