The Gardens

  Welcome To The Garden Of Weedin’…

We are constantly amazed by the steady procession of flowers and plants that flourish in our shady back yard (and our front yard, and our side yard, and our middle yard, and even in our other side yard).

It would probably be better if we knew what most of them were, but since they’re all so pretty, we’ve taken a bit of a live and let live approach to the whole thing.

We do know that there’s wild strawberries, high bush blueberries, raspberries, cherries, apples and pears growing half wild out there along with all sorts of vibrantly coloured flowers we couldn’t name if our lives depended upon it.

And while we had no hand in the planning of the whole thing, somebody sure did a good job. Every time you turn around, something is blooming gloriously somewhere!

Please note that anyone with a compulsive need to weed or putter about in the garden will always be encouraged...we're pretty sure there's a wheelbarrow around here somewhere!