The Evening Sail is a family operation. Gail and her daughter, Michelle, are the innkeepers - with mum in charge of the cooking and Michelle does most of the checking in. Both of us are From Away, as the expression goes, having moved back to Nova Scotia in the spring of 2004. Both Michelle and Gail have a long history in the hospitality industry - Gail with Delta chain of hotels, and Michelle in restaurants and catering.A lot of our guests wonder at the wisdom of mothers and daughters working together and there are days when we might agree. If asked, both of us attribute our successfully living and working together to one of us having the patience of a saint...of course, which one of us that is will usually depend on who you're talking to...some days, Michelle is the boss...and some days she simply does what her mother tells her to do, because there really is no defense against " because I'm your mother and I said so".

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