B&B Your Way...


B&B guests are an independent and adventurous lot, with a wide variety of interests and touring preferences. Some like to travel with a plan…carefully laid out and meticulously organized… while others prefer a more "seat of the pants" approach. Some enjoy the busy chatter of newly made friends sharing travel stories over breakfast and some are not morning people at all ... but everyone wants a clean, comfortable place to lay their heads at the end of the day.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (we know that most people have traditionally come to expect a really special breakfast from their favourite B&B) , but not everyone has the same idea of just what constitutes "special". Have no fear…big breakfast eaters, light grazers, healthy nibblers and even people who don't like breakfast at all, can easily choose an option that suits them best when it comes to the right way to start their day. Some of our guests prefer an early start and some want to linger over good coffee and better conversation.

In recognition of this, we offer two different choices for your stay. …Traditional Bed and Breakfast or "Just the Bed, Never Mind the Breakfast" pricing. If you want to catch the 8am ferry, you can opt out of our fixed seating breakfast and save yourself a little cash in the process.


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